BNP Paribas Bank is the originator of the Agro-conference. The first conference for the agro-food industry was organised in 2006 and over the next 14 years, it has become an important annual meeting for the Bank and its customers and institutions in the industry. The Conference is appreciated by the participants as an important platform for exchanging views, a great opportunity to hold a substantive discussion and raise current and important topics for producers, processors, suppliers and distributors operating in agribusiness. Many appreciate the unique, substantive and friendly atmosphere of the Agro-conference.

In 2020 the Agro-Conference became international and transformed into the Food & Agro Conference 2020.

Topics of agro-conferences organised so far

2020 – „Strong trends. New solutions.“

2019 – „Evolution or revolution in the supplier – distributor – consumer ecosystem“

– „Agro Ring – Cost Clash“

2017 – „Agro Trends – a new dimension of business“

2016 – „Promocja.Żywnoś“

2015 – „Changes in Poles' preferences for food consumption“

2014 – „Effective sales strategies in the food industry“

2013 – „How to increase productivity and profit in agro-food production“

2012 – „The agro-food sector in 2014-2020 – opportunities and threats of the new financial perspective“

2011 – „Opportunities for the Polish agro-food sector in the changing global food producer market“

2010 – „Green energy – how to invest safely in renewable energy sources“

2009 – „European Agriculture and Food in the context of the World Crisis“

2008 – „21st-century agriculture – it is possible to produce without GMOs“

2007 – „Opportunities to support Polish agriculture in 2007-2013 – national and EU aid programmes“

2006 – „Polish Agriculture in Europe“

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